Teeth Extractions in Houston, TX

Teeth Extractions in Houston, TX

You might not think having a tooth pulled is a very big deal; after all, we all have our baby teeth pulled, or they fall out on their own. But when we have our adult teeth, and they need to be pulled, it’s usually for a very good reason. Depending on the nature of the tooth extraction, it can be a very simple process or very complex. Extractions are not something to be afraid of; however, if you find yourself at a dentist getting an extraction, it’s completely necessary and will be very beneficial for your oral health and ensuring the rest of your teeth stay in great shape.

Quest Dentistry in Houston, TX is your home for all types of tooth extractions, whether simple or complex. No one should have to deal with a damaged or infected tooth that needs to come out. Get your extractions in Houston, TX from us at Quest Dentistry today.

How Do Tooth Extractions At a Dentist Work?

When you come to one of the dentists near you at our dental office, a tooth extraction begins with an examination to see the shape of the tooth that needs to come out. The dentist will also examine the rest of your teeth to make sure none of them have been damaged and need to come out. Once the tooth’s condition needs to come out and has been determined, the dentist will prepare to extract the tooth.

If the tooth is a simple extraction, it can likely be done in the dentist’s chair with minimal anesthesia. The dentist will pull the tooth by hand or with a set of dental pliers and then clean the extraction area up.

If the extraction is more complex, it will likely require oral surgery, meaning the patient will have to be sedated. These extractions take longer and may have a longer recovery time once the extraction is complete, but this is sometimes necessary for damaged teeth.

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