Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

When you get a cavity, it’s never a good idea to let it go because you can cause more damage and root to that tooth and spread the damage to nearby teeth, causing a major issue for your mouth. Even if you’ve never had a filling before, you likely know what they are, but you might need to realize just how important they are to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. If you get a cavity, you should first head to the local dentists near you at Quest Dentistry in Houston, TX and ask about the filling options they provide.

What Kind of Fillings Are There and What Do They Do?

The purpose of a filling is to repair the hole caused by a cavity and to seal the inner part of the tooth to protect it from further damage. Because cavities can form, they can affect any part of the tooth, from the side of the tooth to the top biting surface. This also affects where the filling will go. For this reason, many people want a filling that is less visible for the front teeth so that if the filling is in a spot that is easily seen, it will be less obvious that it is a filling.

When you visit Quest Dentistry, there are two types of dental fillings: metal fillings and composite fillings made of resin or another dental-grade material.

For the back teeth with large chewing surfaces, the dentist will typically recommend a metal filling as metal fillings are more durable and able to withstand the bite force placed on those teeth without breaking.

For the front teeth where less force is applied, the dentist may use composite fillings as it is possible to tint them to a more natural tooth color so that it is less obvious that they are fillings. These fillings are less durable than metal but work fine for teeth in the front.

Most cases of tooth decay can be addressed by receiving dental fillings in Houston at Quest Dentistry. If you don’t remedy decay, it can continue to eat away your tooth, resulting in serious damage and infection inside the tooth.

Our dentist may also use fillings to repair broken or cracked teeth or teeth worn down from habits like tooth grinding, nail-biting, or misuse. Fillings may be fabricated of tooth-colored materials such as composite and porcelain. Our dentist in Houston may also place amalgam fillings.

Who Should Receive Dental Fillings?

Patients whose decayed or damaged sections of their teeth have been removed can get tooth filling in Houston to protect and rebuild the teeth. Furthermore, the treatment may be used for broken or cracked teeth.

What Happens During Dental Fillings Treatment?

Tooth fillings are conducted under a local anesthetic medication to ensure patients’ comfort and prevent pain. Our dentist accesses the decayed areas to remove the diseased tissues. After removing the decay, the space or cavity left is cleaned and shaped to receive the filling material.

Our dentist fills the tooth using a material like silver amalgam, white resin, or composite filling in Houston. Lastly, we finish the procedure by polishing the filled tooth.

Meet Our Qualified Dentist For your Dental Fillings

Contact us at Quest Dentistry to receive composite fillings in Houston that blend seamlessly with your teeth’s shade and color for a natural-looking smile!

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