Soft Tissue Contouring in Houston, TX

Soft Tissue Contouring in Houston, TX

No matter what we do, there are times when our smile doesn’t look the way we would like it to. Sometimes it is due to an oral deformity or other problem, but sometimes it is due to something much more normal, such as excess gum tissue. Having extra gum tissue around the base of the teeth can change the look of your smile. There is no direct cause of this; some people have more gum tissue showing than others, but in cases where it is present, it can make teeth look shortened or “stubby.” Thanks to a special dental procedure, the good news is that you don’t have to live with stubby teeth.

Soft tissue contouring is a way that your dentist can fix the amount of gum tissue around the base of your teeth to expose more of the surface of your teeth to make them look fuller and more natural. This is an effective cosmetic procedure for those who want to improve the look of their smile; the best part is that your dentist can do it in one visit.

How Does Soft Tissue Contouring Work?

Soft tissue contouring is done chairside by your dentist and is minimally invasive. The dentist will only remove as much excess tissue as is necessary to achieve the desired results.

The procedure can be done in one of two ways, depending on what you and your dentist are comfortable with. Using traditional dental tools, the standard way for your dentist to remove the excess tissue is by hand. This can take a bit longer but can still be done in one visit.

In other cases, the dentist may use a more modern approach and reshape the gums to expose the teeth using a special dental laser. The laser is often faster and more precise, making it the preferred method if your dentist has access.

In either case, you’ll notice dramatic results with no downtime. Patients may experience mild sensitivity afterward but can go about their day as usual and finally enjoy a full, toothy smile.

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