Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

You might not think breaking a tooth is a big deal, particularly if it’s a back tooth that isn’t easily visible. You may need to realize that leaving a broken tooth untreated can expose you to several oral health problems down the line and is generally unsafe. Thankfully, your local dentists near you will surely offer crowns in Houston, TX to solve the problem. A dental crown is one of the most basic yet necessary services your dentist can provide, and modern dental technology has made getting a crown faster and easier than ever. If you have a broken tooth, don’t wait around; visit Quest Dentistry in Houston, TX today and see if a dental crown is a solution you need.

Why is a Crown the Right Choice For My Tooth?

Crowns are not made to fix every dental problem, but for a broken or cracked tooth, they are the best solution available if you don’t want your tooth pulled and risk further damage. While you can repair minor cracks and chips using dental material, a severe crack that goes deep into the tooth or has a tooth break completely is much more difficult to fix and comes with its own challenges.

One of the reasons dentists at Quest Dentistry recommend a crown for a broken tooth is that when a tooth breaks, it can leave the inner structure of the tooth exposed to debris and cavities. Depending on how the tooth broke, you may also have part of the root system exposed. Not only is this severely painful, but it also puts the tooth at risk of infection.

A crown effectively solves the problem by placing a cap over the top of the tooth made of sturdy material like metal or composite porcelain that restores the structure and function of the tooth, protects it from harm, and does so without sacrificing the integrity of the tooth. This gives you back the ability to smile and enjoy your favorite foods.

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