TMJ/TMD Treatment in Houston, TX

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Houston, TX

TMJ pain is caused by the inflammation of the tempomandibular joint in the jaw. The pain can be very intense and often becomes overwhelming. Seeking early treatment for the pain is vital.

There are many reasons that people suffer from TMJ/TMD disorder. Usually, the condition is exacerbated by a prior injury, existing arthritis, grinding teeth while you sleep, a misalignment of the jawbone, or a broken bone or congenital disability. Sometimes TMJ pain is caused for unknown reasons and can last for many years. Our staff can help identify the causes and recommend a TMJ treatment in Houston that is right for you.

What Can We Do to Treat TMJ/TMD Pain?

Luckily, most temporomandibular joint disorders can be eliminated with treatment, allowing the patient to avoid surgery. There are many options available for patients who want to avoid surgical treatment and find a less invasive method to eliminate and manage TMJ/TMD pain.

Mouth guards worn at night can prevent grinding your teeth; corticosteroid shots can eliminate swelling; alternating heat and ice treatments combined with prescribing a muscle relaxer as well as mental awareness techniques to help promote jaw muscle relaxation all offer patients degrees of relief. Ultimately you may require surgery, but it’s always in the patient’s best interests to attempt alternative treatment methods before attempting the most drastic available option.

Who We Are, What We Do

Quest Dentistry in Houston, TX, is a TMJ/TMD treatment specialist in Houston with many years of identifying and treating patients with unknown causes of TMJ/TMD pain. With our many years of experience and TMJ/TMD therapies, we can develop the right treatment plan to fit your needs and your budget. After a complete medical examination and examination of your jaw using modern imagery, we create a custom TMJ treatment plan in Houston that offers solutions.

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If you are suffering from TMJ/TMD pain and don’t know the cause of it, reach out to Quest Dentistry in Houston, TX, today. Our caring team of TMJ professionals can help put you on the path to recovery and eliminate the pain you are living with.

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