Gum Disease Treatment in Houston, TX

Gum Disease Treatment in Houston, TX

Everyone knows the importance of brushing and flossing regularly, but if we fail to maintain our oral hygiene, yellow teeth are not the only problem we may experience. Gum disease can easily occur and, if left untreated, can become a serious problem that causes inflammation, swelling, tooth loss, receding gums, and bone loss. It’s important to speak to your dentist if you notice redness or sensitivity in your gums, as this can be a sign of developing gum disease, and ask about gum disease treatment.

Types of Gum Disease Treatment

Even if you start to experience signs of gum disease, it’s not too late so long as you get to your dentist quickly and take care of it with available treatments.

The treatments that your dentist may use depend on the state of your gum disease. The earlier you get to the dentist, and the less advanced the disease is, the easier the process is to treat and the less damage the disease will be able to do to your mouth.

For mild gum disease, your dentist will usually perform basic cleaning to remove plaque, tartar, and food debris in and around the gums. They may advise using an oral rinse to keep the area clean. Good oral hygiene is always necessary to maintain the effects of the treatment.

For moderate gum disease, the dentist may perform a procedure known as scaling and root planing. Scaling and root planing is a very deep cleaning that goes into the gum pockets and other spaces that are hard to clean using traditional methods to clean out bacteria and debris.

Once gum disease has reached the severe stage, it becomes much more difficult to treat, and the damage that can result can be devastating. Your dentist may need to clean the gum tissue and perform a gum graft to replace missing gum tissue and prevent teeth from being damaged. Gum disease may eat into the bone, making a bone graft necessary.

Gum disease starts slowly and silently and quickly worsens to severe stages where you could suffer gum recession, bleeding, pain, bone loss, and even tooth loss. What may seem of little concern, like occasional bleeding while brushing, could quickly evolve into periodontitis. Quest Dentistry advocates for the prevention and early treatment of gum disease.

Gingivitis, the mildest version of gum disease, can be reversed with proper home care and receiving gum disease treatment. It becomes difficult to reverse when it evolves into periodontitis, as it isn’t curable. Many patients require continuous periodontal maintenance for a lengthy period.

Gum Specialist Near Me

Our gum disease specialist near you will offer surgical and non-surgical treatments. We do deep cleaning, scaling, and root planing, to flush out gum disease and destroy its associated bacteria. We perform gum graft surgery to treat thinning gums. Our gum flap surgery is done to expose the roots and clean them to scrape off tartar and plaque.

After we treat periodontitis, our gum disease specialist continues to provide periodontal maintenance. The dentist will, therefore, schedule you for visits to our clinic after 3 to 4 months for mouth cleanings.

Gum Infection Treatment by Our Expert Dentists in Houston

Visit Quest Dentistry if you have a gum infection to get timely and effective treatment before things worsen. Our gum infection treatment ensures that the disease is combatted and the gums are rebuilt to improve oral health.

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