How to Deal with Severe Pain after Dental Implant Surgery?

How to Deal with Severe Pain after Dental Implant Surgery?

February 1, 2023

Missing teeth require replacements with different options available on the market. You can select dentures, dental bridges, and implants as replacement prosthetics for the missing teeth. However, if you want a permanent replacement solution, you cannot find a better option than dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

When undergoing dental implant placement surgery from the dental clinic near me, the dental surgeon must open up the issue in your mouth to drill one or more titanium posts beneath the gums. The titanium posts provide an artificial tooth root for a false replacement tooth.

As you receive local anesthesia during the surgery, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. However, when recovering from implant placement surgery, you may experience pain for a few days, manageable by painkilling medications. If the discomfort lasts several days or worsens, you may require additional medical care.

Getting dental implants is a three-step process that includes tooth removal, implant placement, and replacement tooth attachment. These procedures are spread far apart. You require months for the implant to integrate with your jawbone because the oral surgeon prefers waiting for your replacement dental crown until after your jawbone has firmly set the titanium posts.

What Is Dental Implant Surgery and Why Can Pain Occur?

Dental implant surgery is a procedure to insert biocompatible titanium posts in your jawbone in the edentulous socket of the missing tooth. As with every surgery, the dental surgeon must make incisions in your gums before drilling the jawbone to insert the screw-like dental implants deep into it. The implant replaces your missing tooth to provide your artificial teeth with a stable base later. Primarily you experience pain from the surgical procedure, which is normal, but getting the implants doesn’t hurt because you receive adequate anesthesia according to your unique situation to ensure you don’t confront discomfort.

Understanding the Causes of Severe Pain after Dental Implant Surgery

You will start feeling pain in the surgical site after implant placement surgery which remains with you for a few days. The pain may be acute when the anesthesia wears off, and the discomfort occurs near the dental implant site.

You will also experience bleeding in the surgical site, swelling around your gums and face, jaw pain, and minor bruising. To manage and alleviate pain, the surgeon suggests taking prescription and OTC painkillers and avoiding certain foods besides using ice packs to reduce swelling and resting on the day of your surgery and the subsequent days. You also receive instructions to care for the surgical site.

How Long Should the Discomfort Last Following Implant Placement?

Pain after successful implant placement is usually temporary if your healing proceeds as expected. You can expect pain for three to five days after implant placement but can stop taking pain medications after 48 hours. You can resume your daily activities the day after your procedure. However, the swelling and bruising, besides jaw stiffness, may remain with you longer. These symptoms should subside in seven to ten days after your surgery.

Occasionally you may develop throbbing pain for extended periods after dental implant placement. Although you feel sharper pain a few hours after your surgery when the anesthesia wears off, it should diminish with medications. However, if you develop a complication after the procedure causing additional pain, the instances need immediate assistance from your dentist or surgeon.

A common condition causing pain from dental implant surgery is incision line opening when the tissue surrounding the titanium post reopens after your process. In such cases, you will feel pain and irritation when the incision opens. You may receive instructions from the dental surgeon to rinse with chlorhexidine mouthwash to avoid infections. However, if the pain doesn’t subside, you need additional care.

Improperly fitted implants can also cause discomfort because the titanium post is not integrating with your jawbone correctly. As a result, the implant may need removal and replacement later. Infections can also cause pain when bacteria enter the surgically impacted tissue and prevent healing. If you experience symptoms other than pain, like fever, nausea, worsening swelling, and excessive bleeding, a few hours after the surgery, you must call the provider’s dental implants in Houston, TX, immediately.

When to Visit the Dentist?

You should consider visiting the dentist if you experience severe pain after dental implant placement in the situations described above. Some discomfort after getting dental implants is expected and subsides in three to five days. Unfortunately, lingering or worsening pain indicates signs of complications that need assistance from the dentist as soon as possible.

If you are considering dental implants as missing teeth replacements, expect to endure some pain after the surgical procedure from Quest Dentistry. However, if the pain doesn’t subside after five days of using OTC and prescription painkillers, please get in touch with the dental practice immediately without further delay.

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