Day Three after Immediate Dentures: Coping with the Challenges

Day Three after Immediate Dentures: Coping with the Challenges

June 1, 2023

Immediate dentures are excellent replacement solutions if you must have your teeth extracted for reasons like decay, infection, et cetera. Unlike earlier, when you had to wait for your tooth socket to heal before receiving dentures, you can now receive immediate dentures soon after tooth removal.

While you may express happiness at receiving a new set of teeth immediately after tooth removal with immediate dentures to anticipate a life with your replacement teeth, you may not receive sufficient information on what to expect after getting the dental prosthetics.

While you expect soreness and discomfort after getting your teeth removed and replaced with immediate dentures, you may not know what to expect on day three after getting them. This article explains what you can expect on day three and offers some tips and tricks to overcome the challenges besides what to anticipate in the long. Kindly continue reading to educate yourself.

What to Expect on Day Three after Immediate Dentures?

Day three after getting immediate dentures is the crucial turning point in your recovery. The pain from tooth extraction and getting immediate dentures starts subsiding on day three. However, you may remain concerned with the swelling, which often worsens or remains the same as on day one. The third day is also when a dry socket shows up besides denture sore spots. Therefore, it helps to learn how to identify these spots to help manage your situation.

On day three, you expect the pain to minimize or disappear. However, some patients continue experiencing pain after 72 hours of the procedure when they expect the pain to go away. Fortunately, it is the day when relief from the process starts.

You may also notice swelling on day three, which is normal. When the pain subsides, the swelling also goes away. Unfortunately, when you receive immediate dentures after tooth removal, the swelling remains the same on day three or even increases. However, it is normal and subsides in a day or two.

After receiving immediate dentures, it is essential to have them in your mouth all the time unless the dentist in Houston, TX, advises removing them. Having the appliances in your mouth continually is crucial to reduce swelling and bleeding while beginning your healing. When you remove your dentures too soon, the swelling increases to prevent getting your dentures back for several days. The situation is awkward and also uncomfortable to slow your healing.

Overcoming the Challenges: Tips and Tricks

After getting dentures in Houston soon after tooth removal, the dentist provides instructions on caring for your mouth to overcome the challenges you confront with your artificial teeth. Following your post-operative instructions diligently is optimal for your recovery to get accustomed to the dentures and start using them like your natural teeth. Some tips and tricks you can adopt to overcome the challenges include the following:

Take the pain medications suggested by the Houston dentist without skipping doses or waiting until it is too late. Dentists recommend painkillers you must have every six hours to help manage the discomfort you experience.

Swelling on your cheeks is comfortably managed by using ice packs intermittently for 15 minutes on and off for the first 24 hours when awake. After 24 hours, you can use ice and warm water or moist heat to manage it.

After 24 hours, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water swishing gently after every meal, but you must refrain from using mouthwashes for one or two weeks after your surgical procedure.

If the swelling and pain worsen after day three, contact the Houston dentist for advice because they can guide you, especially if the pain doesn’t respond to medications.

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What to Expect in the Long Run?

After you replace your teeth with immediate dentures, besides the initial discomfort, you can expect to get better, in the long run, to enjoy your regular eating, smiling, and speaking without confronting challenges. A mouth without teeth makes it challenging to accomplish all the above, but getting immediate replacements for your missing teeth prevents the problems making it easier for you to continue with your life as you did with your natural teeth. Yes, you do confront some challenges initially, but the tips mentioned in this article and the help you receive from the Houston dentist soon enable you to enjoy regular life without encountering complications.

If you must have teeth extracted and consider replacing them with immediate dentures, Quest Dentistry is whom you must contact for the entire procedure. This practice performs extractions and provides replacement teeth with immediate dentures with information on managing your recovery. Therefore kindly meet them to ensure you don’t have to spend a day without teeth or face challenges with immediate dentures.

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