Brown Stains on Teeth? No Problem! Here’s How to Remove Them Naturally

Brown Stains on Teeth? No Problem! Here’s How to Remove Them Naturally

May 8, 2023

Brown stains on teeth can be caused by various factors, including poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and consuming sugary or acidic foods and drinks. While many commercial teeth whitening products are available, natural remedies can also effectively remove brown stains from teeth. Here are some causes and ways to remove brown stains on teeth:

What Causes Brown Stains on Teeth?

Brown stains on teeth can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

Poor Oral Hygiene: If you don’t brush regularly, plaque can build up on your teeth, causing brown stains and discoloration.

Coffee and Tea: Both coffee and tea contain tannins, which can cause brown stains on teeth if consumed frequently.

Smoking: Tobacco products contain nicotine and tar, which can cause brown stains on teeth over time.

Red Wine: Red wine contains chromogens and tannins, which can cause brown stains on teeth over time.

Certain Medications: Some medications, such as tetracycline and iron supplements, can cause brown stains on teeth.

Aging: As we age, the enamel on our teeth can wear away, revealing the yellowish dentin underneath, which can appear as brown stains.

Excessive Fluoride: Overexposure to fluoride during childhood can cause brown stains on teeth, a condition known as fluorosis.

Home Remedies for Removing Brown Stains on Teeth

Some of the ways how to remove brown stains from teeth naturally include:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Dip a toothbrush in apple cider vinegar and brush your teeth for two minutes. Rinse your mouth with water afterward. Apple cider vinegar has natural whitening properties and helps to remove stains.

Turmeric: Mix turmeric powder with water to form a paste. Apply the paste to your teeth, leave it on for several minutes, then rinse it off with water. Turmeric has natural whitening properties and helps to remove stains.

Coconut Oil: Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, then spit it out and rinse the mouth with water. This is called oil pulling, and it helps to remove bacteria and stains from teeth.

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Brushing and Flossing Techniques for Maintaining Clean Teeth

Here are some techniques to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your brushing and flossing:

Brushing Technique: Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and brush for two minutes twice a day. Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and use gentle circular motions on the front, back, and top of teeth. Use the bristles to clean the gum line as well.

Flossing Technique: Take about 18 inches of floss and wrap it around your fingers. Use a gentle sawing motion to slide the floss between your teeth, curving it around each tooth in a “C” shape. Gently scrape up and down along the sides of each tooth, being careful not to snap the floss against the gum line.

Remember to brush and floss daily, and visit your dentist near you regularly for cleanings and checkups. These techniques will help to keep your teeth clean and healthy and prevent dental problems in the future.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options for Stubborn Stains

Professional teeth whitening in Houston, TX, is an excellent option for individuals with stubborn stains on their teeth that cannot be removed with regular brushing, flossing, and at-home whitening treatments. Here are some of the most effective professional teeth whitening options:

In-Office Teeth Whitening: In-office teeth whitening in Quest Dentistry is the most effective way to achieve a brighter smile quickly. This treatment involves a high-concentration bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth by a dental professional. The gel is then activated with a special light, which helps to speed up the whitening process. The process usually takes about an hour, and results can be seen immediately.

At-Home Whitening Trays: At-home whitening trays are another effective option for whitening teeth. These trays are custom-fitted to your teeth by a dental professional and filled with a lower-concentration bleaching gel. The trays are worn for a set amount each day, usually for several weeks, until the desired level of whiteness is achieved.

Laser Teeth Whitening: This is a newer and more advanced technique that uses a laser to activate the bleaching gel, speeding up the whitening process. This treatment is more expensive than traditional in-office whitening but can provide faster and more dramatic results.

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